Monday, 19 August 2013

Roasted garlic pepper white wine creamy pasta

I love summer for all the great fresh vegetables that my garden provides me with.  This year our peas have done particularly well, I was looking to create a dish that utilized my over ripe peas. With a little inspiration from other moms on a Facebook group this dish was created. I love the how creamy it is, it almost reminds me of a dairy free alfredo sauce.

Roasted Garlic and Pepper White wine Pasta
Serves 6

1 yellow pepper halved
1 White onion cut in half
9 cloves of garlic
Olive oil
Coarse ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 400F
Pour a good dollop of olive oil in a glass pan and place vegetables in in. Drizzle more olive oil over top and sprinkle with pepper.
Roast for at least 45 minutes, 1 hour is better.

.304 kg sliced chicken breast
2 cups Spinach
1 cup Fresh Peas
1/3 cup All purpose flour (Can sub GF flour)
1 cup Soy milk
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp black Pepper
1/2 cup Daiya mozzarella shreds
1/4 cup Coconut oil
1 tbsp Dried basil
1/2 cup White wine
1 cup Poultry broth

Prepared linguine

Separate garlic from roasted veggies, mash
Slice the rest of the roasted vegetables into strips.
Toss sliced chicken in basil, salt, black pepper and mashed garlic
Pour about a tablespoon olive oil into a pan on medium heat. Fry sliced chicken until done. Remove from pan. Pour in half of the white wine, scraping the bottom of the pan all the while.
Turn off burner or turn to low stir in Coconut oil and flour making a roux and cook for 2 minutes, Do not let it brown.
After two minutes turn burn back to medium low heat and whisk in chicken broth, milk and rest of white wine. Whisk until smooth then stir scraping bottom frequently until it starts to thicken
Whisk in Daiya cheese,
Bring to a simmer
Stir in peas, turn to low and cook for 6 minutes, stirring often
Mix in chicken, sliced vegetables, spinach, stir until spinach is wilted and everything is hot and bubbling.

Serve over linguine

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